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Film/TV credits include

'Keanu', 'The Boss', 'Dumb & Dumber To', 'Superstore', 'Constantine'

Haley Keim is a Graphic Designer for the film & television industry. She is a member of the Art Director’s Guild, and specializes in evocative, layered graphic art for sets, props, and costumes, as well as photoshop composites and previz artwork.


Her love affair with design began at 10, as she filled her sketch books with the shops of Diagon Alley and the wizards who inhabited them. Her obsession with Photoshop began in high school, when she realized she could send her neighbor’s lawn gnomes around the world from the comfort of her living room. However, it wasn’t until college, studying theatrical design and fine art at the University of Redlands when she truly discovered the magic of creating other worlds. A semester abroad in Prague, studying film, and then mentorships with designers of Doctor Who and Buffy, and she knew that she had found her passion in design for the screen.


After graduation, she packed her bags for Hollywood and happily discovered that her stage design training and love of photoshop and graphics meshed perfectly with the film Art Department.


Her career took her to Atlanta, where she thrilled at the opportunity to design graphics for several feature films and her first genre show, the pilot for Constantine, and then back to Los Angeles, where she branded an entire Superstore for the new NBC comedy of the same name. She now calls this sunny, wonderful city ‘home,' making cool things (see the laser-cut Pandora’s Box!), attending costumed events, and enjoying the wonderful challenges of each new job in this fast-paced, thrilling, and always-rewarding industry. She wouldn’t change a thing.


Spoiler alert: She never lost her love for Harry Potter nor lawn gnomes. Both maintain a prominent presence in her life.



Major: Photoshop, Illustrator

Secondary: Sketch Up, InDesign

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